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4 Reasons to Use Structural Steel For Your Building Projects

structural steel fabrication to construct buildings

We have discussed why structural steel fabrication is an optimum solution for a mezzanine floor. But today, we unfold the bigger picture of structural steel implementation in small to large scale building projects. A study shows that concrete buildings contribute to over 30% of the global annual GHG emissions. In light of the fact, a […]

Innovative Structural Steel Frame Design

Innovative structural steel frame design

Structural steel fabrication is one of the most innovative contributors to the construction world. Structural steel framing, in particular, makes up the backbone of any steel-based construction project. It includes vertical and horizontal structural elements created by an arrangement of steel beams and columns. The spacing, shape and size of the framing is flexible and […]

Why Structural Steel Fabrication Is Best Choice to Construct Mezzanine Floor?

Constructing mezzanine floor by structural fabrication process

Commercial and industrial facilities including factories and workshops take the most out of the high space between the floor and ceiling of a building or premises by constructing a mezzanine. A mezzanine floor is an elevated platform that optimizes the use of underused ‘vertical space’. It is an excellent way to increase warehouse and storage […]