shelving systems supplier in uae

Creating shelving in UAE requires a proper plan and execution. AL Kheera Steel Works is one of the UAE’s expertise warehouses shelving system suppliers installs Longspan, Boltless/Slotted Angle, Heavy Duty and Supermarket Shelving Systems for the companies located in the Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, and the entire Middle East.

We give consultation service to our customer about which shelving system would be appropriate as per their goods and space dimension. AL Kheera Steel Work is reputed shelving and racking companies in Sharjah, UAE.

We help you install the following warehouse shelving systems:

1. Bolt Less Shelving/Slotted Angle Shelving

Boltless Shelving (Slotted Angle Shelving) also termed as Rivet shelving are very easy to install since there is minimal hardware involved, depending on whether or not centre support is used…

2. Heavy Duty Shelving

For exhibiting to the customers almost every organization needs to store their products in the warehouse or in the distribution or display units, But the heavy industrial…

3. Long Span Shelving

The Long Span Shelving System in UAE is a preferred storage solution to store small, medium to heavy goods. The name explains, it has a long span and fully adjustable shelf heights.

4. Supermarket Shelf

In supermarkets and hypermarkets, the advanced shelving systems used to efficiently display various products and goods. There are many benefits of these display racks…