How Industrial Racking and Shelving Can Enhance Warehouse Storage Capacity


With the entry of economic diversification and the upcoming industrial zones and development projects in the next few years, the logistics market in UAE is anticipated to grow exponentially. The logistics business is one of the most rewarding businesses in UAE and generally refers to transportation and effective storage of goods.

Nowadays, warehouses are not just playing the role of a storage house but are considered an integral element for business success in the UAE. And choosing the right storage rack or industrial shelving for your warehouse can pick up workflow, lessen goods’ damage and indirectly boost profitability.

How do the racks work?

Racks are ideal for pooling because they are strong enough to withstand several moves across the supply chain without breaking. Warehouse managers may maximize floor space by renting racks from a shared pool.

What are the benefits of using a racking or shelving system in a storage facility?

One of the most critical parts of a supply chain, racks, may significantly impact the outcome of a shipment. Several factors affect the effectiveness of supply chain activities, including how shelves are kept in warehouses, how quickly they can be built, and how easily various kinds of rack storage systems may be employed. If you want to save money and improve the productivity of your warehouse, racking may be the answer.

1. Increasing the warehouse effectiveness

Forklifts can safely navigate the aisles of a typical warehouse, provided that a significant area of the floor is reserved for this purpose. Consider installing a racking system that allows vertical racks storage to give maximum square footage to make the most of this otherwise wasted floor space. Fewer lanes are needed in a warehouse when racking solutions like double deep racking maximize cubic space utilization.

2. Improving access to bulk storage space

Improved bulk storage space in warehouses with large inventory needs may be achieved using a rack and shelving system. High-density product stock-keeping systems may extend storage space by moving carts along a rail system with racking. Static racking and push back racking are both terms for the same thing (SKUs). Integrating bulk storage in each row of shelves may lower the overall number of aisles required to reach the products by integrating bulk storage in each row of racks. In addition, drive-in or drive-thru racks are available as well.

3. A variety of inventory control methods in use

A company’s inventory management techniques are suited to the specific goods it deals with. Racking systems are compatible with various inventory management methods, including FIFO and FEFO for time-sensitive perishable goods. One may use racking systems in conjunction with different inventory management techniques. When racks are installed, keeping track of products in high-density automated warehouse storage becomes an easy feat.

4. Designing and building customized storage facilities

Racking systems may be easily integrated into a warehouse’s existing infrastructure. To satisfy the particular requirements of supply chain management, organizations should consider customizing warehouses.

5. Ensuring the safety of warehouse workers

For businesses of all sizes, ensuring the safety of warehouse employees is of fundamental importance. Racking solutions help companies satisfy OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) regulations for employee safety by offering a robust warehouse storage option.

It is the job of storage facility logistics managers to ensure that the racks in the racking systems are kept full and that empty racks placed within the warehouse are not a danger to the workers. By pooling together racks rather than purchasing a whole rack fleet, you may reduce the warehouse space taken up by these new racks.

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  1. Thank you for compiling this list. Freestanding, rack-supported or structural mezzanines along with high-quality wire partitions and guardrails can offer superior storage solutions. Mezzanine makes your warehouse safer and adds more space with a second or third level. It is a good idea to source from a reliable company that can customize the product for you to fit your existing design needs.

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