4 Reasons to Use Structural Steel For Your Building Projects

structural steel fabrication to construct buildings

We have discussed why structural steel fabrication is an optimum solution for a mezzanine floor. But today, we unfold the bigger picture of structural steel implementation in small to large scale building projects.

A study shows that concrete buildings contribute to over 30% of the global annual GHG emissions. In light of the fact, a proper approach to construction is critical. If not, the emissions from buildings will double in the coming two decades.

For this, structural steel is surfacing as an eco-friendly, robust, sustainable and affordable material. In fact, the modern construction industry is rapidly shifting to the use of steel. As per the World Steel Association, over 1600 million tonnes of steel was produced in 2016.

Let’s look at the key factors of choosing structural steel for your next building project!

1. Reduces On-site Clutter

The components of structural steel buildings are prefabricated off-site. Structural steel fabrication companies fabricate, inspect and test the component to standard specification.

They design beams and frames (among others) and transport it on-site for immediate installation. Because of this, the delivery of steel buildings takes just a matter of weeks.

The on-site assembly of prefabricated steel structures creation work achieved quickly and efficiently. As a result, implementing steel fabrication reduces construction time by around 50%.

For single construction, it offers fewer points of contact with the earth. Hence, this reduces the need to excavate extensively. All in all, prefabrication of the material minimises on-site labour and related costs.

2. Strong & Sustainable

Structural steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio. This means that less steel goes into single support or beam. This factor alone decreases material costs and enhances sustainability.

For example, steel I-beams are in frequent use in modern construction. Because they are stronger, lighter and less wasteful than any wooden beams of equal size.

Owing to its durable character, steel can withstand strong physical impacts and forces. In other words, it ensures the safety of the building.

Even when it comes to the flexibility of structural steel it exceeds performance compared to other materials. Take the example of 9 Cambridge Avenue warehouse relocation. The warehouse was shifted a mile away by dismantling and reassembling the existing components.

3. Cost-effective & Efficient

Structural steel fabrication for an element is achieved in a manner that follows the stress diagram. This leads to a reduction in weight, load to foundation and costs.

The material is significantly lighter in weight than concrete while enabling smaller and simpler foundation. These factors reflect in resource efficiency and economic benefits including early return on investment.

4. Resistant to Earthquake

In 2011, a devastating earthquake hit the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. This lead to a substantial loss and damage. However, Pacific Tower, a 23-storey steel building survived the quake with only one steel link collapse.

Several such instances have proven the resistance of structural steel against earthquakes. Thanks to is inherently ductile and flexible nature. It bends under extreme load instead of crushing. An appropriate fabrication ensures the capacity to stand against the lateral loads by earthquakes.


Structural steel fabrication is increasing in demand all over the world. All the nation are focusing on becoming more sustainable in the construction industry.

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