Pallet Shuttle – A Compact Warehouse Storage Solution

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With technological advancements and evolution, we have witnessed the rise of compact storage systems in warehouses. To make these storage systems more effective, time-saving and space-efficient, warehouses are looking for an automated shuttle.

That can carry the loading and unloading tasks optimally and at a faster speed. If you also need a perfect solution to achieve maximum storage capacity, then Pallet Shuttle is the answer.

Pallet shuttle operates in a warehouse racking structure which is almost like a drive-in where a moving platform or shuttle runs on tracks of storage lanes. The shuttle consists of an electric motor that follows the commands of a remote handled by the operator using the Wi-Fi tab.

This smart pallet racking system deposits the load at the first available placement location in the rack which eventually compacts the pallets. Moreover, it also eliminates the need for forklift trucks to enter the storage aisles, minimizing the risks of accidents and damage within the channel.

The operating time is reduced, items are grouped by channels instead of lanes, storage capacity is increased in terms of depth and overall operations become modernized and more flexible.

Through this semi-automated solution, a forklift truck driver only needs to load the pallet on the shuttle, and from there, it is directly transported to the racking structure. While loading and retrieving the pallet, operatives can adopt the First in, First out (FIFO) or Last in, First out (LIFO) system whichever suits them the best.

Key Features of this Pallet Racking System

  • Automatic and manual operations controlled by a remote using a Wi-Fi network.
  • Quick battery change process and short battery recharge time.
  • Greater storage capacity in terms of depth.
  • Lightweight yet powerful shuttle to carry loads to its location.
  • Advanced functionalities, such as identifying empty space, pallet counting system and indicating the low battery level.
  • Battery recharge station along with the whole pallet racking system.

How Does Pallet Shuttle System Work?

Before we dig further into what Pallet racking system is, let’s get acquainted with the term Shuttle which is the crucial part of this whole compact semi-automated warehouse shelving system.

A shuttle is a form of transport that travels to and fro between two places or points. You can come across several pallet racking companies offering such cost-effective machines but our shuttle system stands out for its highest quality standards and smart controls.

We display pallet racking for sale that uses the remote-controlled shuttle carts to move pallets independently in the steel rack. This meticulously designed system not only helps you load the material easily but also retrieves the pallets within the minimum time.

  • Now, the forklift trucks don’t have to enter the racks but simply leave the load units on the track one by one. After this, the pallet shuttle will pick the unit loads, move along the channel independently and place it on its location in a way that the pallets remain as compact as possible. Then it comes back to pick the next unit and repeats the drive cycle.
  • With no forklifts drives into the warehouse storage shelves, the risk of accidents and damage is minimum with reduced handling time and optimized operator movement.
  • The pallet shuttle runs on rechargeable batteries and has troubleshooting software to look after any technical glitch or issue, thereby, increasing the up-time to maximum, improving the performance, reducing the cost and making progress in the smartest way.
  • In the pallet shuttle racking system, loads are placed on the first available location and it works on FIFO and LIFO basis. Therefore, you must acquire a better understanding of warehouse racking operations to use the system efficiently.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide of Pallet Shuttle Racking System:

  1. Instead of driving through warehouse storage shelves, forklift trucks will place the load at the beginning of the rack in the channel, positioning them one after another.
  2.  With the help of a tablet connected with Wi-Fi, the operator will send the command to the semi-automated shuttle to start the whole loading process. It will lift the pallet and move around the steel racks until it reaches its placement location, i.e., the first available place where it can unload the unit. There will be different controls and sensors that will handle the movement of the loads that are stored on the shelves.
  3. The shuttle will come back to pick the next unit and repeat the whole operation until the channel is filled. As the last unit is placed, the shuttle will be removed and placed in the next channel to repeat the sequence.

Benefits of Using Pallet Shuttle Racking System

Hitherto, you must have realized why warehouses are switching to the pallet shuttle racking system. The advantages and optimization that you can achieve using this smart warehouse shelving system are innumerable.


However, to help you make a wise decision, we have listed a few of these benefits below.

Have a look:

  1. We are all familiar with the long operational hours that manpower invests in the warehouse. The shuttle system is a smart solution that will not only save time but also ensure that it is used more efficiently. Since the operators will no longer be working inside the channels, the loading and unloading time will be reduced to the minimum. The remote-controlled shuttle needs only a single command to empty or fill the whole lane. Also, as soon as the current pallet is dropped onto the shuttle, the next available one is retrieved avoiding any time wastage. The shuttle moves at the speed of 45 m/min when loaded and 90 m/min when empty.
  2. The shuttles in the pallet racking system contain sensors that enable them to identify the empty space in the storage shelves. This eventually improves the storage capacity in terms of depth and makes it more compact. With the elimination of forklift moving between the aisles, the floor space is also increased, allowing high-density storage.
  3. Since forklift drivers don’t have to enter the lanes, it will ensure maximum safety and low risk of accidents. Moreover, there will be no damage to rack or collision in the metal, keeping the maintenance cost at the lowest. There are built-in safety features in both shuttle and warehouse racking which are exclusively designed to ensure only correct operations, such as position sensors, rail end stops, pallet centralizers, etc. The pallet system also includes management feature that keeps away all the unauthorized personnel from using these shuttles.
  4. The shuttle runs on rechargeable batteries. It is controlled by a remote handled by an operator which makes the whole racking system easy to use and maintain. The batteries can be changed instantly without hampering the operation cycle. It also keeps a record of the number of pallets in the channel and increases the inflow and outflow of goods in the warehouse. There is a continuous movement as both operator and shuttle work simultaneously. All these features certainly improve productivity and efficiency.

Other than these major benefits, there are some other reasons to use the high-density pallet racking system. Take a look:

  • Improves inventory turnover, saves labor cost and flexible storage for different pallets.
  • It is compatible with all the standard material handling equipment.
  • Automatic loading & unloading, organizing of pallet that too precisely, faster and sustainably.
  • It can operate in temperatures ranging from 0 to -30 degrees.
  • Smart control of inventory due to sensors installed in the shuttle which enables it to count the number of units in the rack.
  • Bar code and remote-controlled shuttle manage the stock better and reduce the chances of errors.
  • One can use FIFO or LIFO while loading and unloading the pallet.
  • All these benefits will ensure profitable results, thus, making the pallet shuttle the most cost-effective storage system.


The compact storage system that we offer allows two different types of operations:

1. FIFO (First In, First Out)

This option is perfect for the buffering warehouses where the loading and unloading operations are handled from opposite sides. Here, two shuttles work simultaneously in the same lane along with the non-collision mode. The first pallet to be placed in the rack is the first one to be unloaded. The aisles are accessed from two sides, one from where the units are loaded and another from where they are unloaded.

2. LIFO (Last In, First Out)

This one is the commonly used operation where the last pallet to be placed on the rack is the first one to be unloaded. Both tasks are carried out from the same side of the warehouse storage shelves. One important aspect of this system is that the lane should be completely emptied before the new units are placed.

We are glad to offer a pallet racking system for sale which contains all these above-mentioned features and much more, making it easy to use and saving your time, money and energy.

Components and Functionalities of Shuttle System

There are three primary accessories or components of the pallet shuttle system which are used together to make the whole loading and unloading process in the warehouse cost-effective, Fast and optimal. Take a look:

1. Structure

This is the complete set of racks and lanes where the shuttle moves around and places the stock of goods. It consists of:

Upright: They are the vertical elements on the rack that are adaptable to the load requirement.

Beam: This is the place where the load unit is deposited to be further transported to its location by shuttle. They are a vertical and robust component of the whole structure.

Rail: They are designed in a way that smoothens the loading and keeps the control centered. This is the actual space where the shuttle moves to and fro inside the channel.

Rail Support: This is the component that fixes rails to the beams at every point excluding entry and exit.

Pallet Centralizer: These centralizers are fixed at the entry and exit of the warehouse storage channels to ensure that the unit loads are placed in the center.

2. Shuttle

It is the moving platform that lifts the load and places it to its position and also unloads the unit during the outflow of goods.

Wheels: Required for the shuttle to run smoothly along the track while moving the goods. There are also contrast wheels that guide the shuttle while moving in the longitudinal direction.

Emergency Button: Has been installed in accordance with the safety regulations and is often needed during preventive maintenance tasks.

Battery Compartment: Place where rechargeable batteries are installed in the shuttle so that it can move along the lanes.

Lifting Platform: The pallet is lifted from the platform so that the former can move freely.

Battery Status Indicator: It indicates the low status of battery so that the operator can know when to change them.

Aerial: It receives the orders from the tablet connected with the Wi-Fi.

Lock: It is used to fasten the shuttle to the blades of the forklift so that it doesn’t move from its position.

3. Tablet

The operator sends commands to the shuttle to place and retrieves the load units from racks using a Wi-Fi-connected tablet. As it is easy to use with simple commands, there is no need to seek special training to use this tablet. It allows the following functions:

  • Selection of the type of pallet that the shuttle needs to handle.
  • Changes the Pick and Drop station according to FIFO and LIFO configuration.
  • One handset can control up to 6 shuttles.
  • Can count the number of pallets that are stored in a channel.
  • Shows the message whenever the machine maintenance is required.
  • Identifies and recovers the damaged shuttle from the channel.
  • Indicates the number of shuttles that are operating and their respective status.
  • Loads and unloads the stock without any interruption.
  • Places the pallet in a way that ensures a compact storage system.

Applications of Pallet Shuttle System

Whether it is incoming or outgoing of goods and materials or changing lanes of already loaded units, the shuttle system works optimally in every situation by bringing the control on your fingertips. It suits all types of steel racks, different warehouse shelves, and companies.

Here are the applications of this semi-automated storage system, explained in brief:

  • For warehouses with large or few volumes of pallets.
  • For cold storage places or chambers. If your warehouse requires low temperature, then this pallet racking system is ideal for you as there is less manoeuvering time involved.
  • To increase the efficiency of the shuttle by installing automatic systems.
  • For the warehouses with frequent loading and unloading operations.
  • If the goods are seasonal where inflow or outflow of the stock will be according to the season and you need to stock the goods over a period. For example, ice creams, toys, etc.
  • In case your warehouse already uses compact storage but you need access to greater units, want to increase the storage capacity in terms of depth, expect an increased flow of goods, this is the one-stop solution for you.

With so many exclusive benefits and features, you certainly don’t want to miss the chance of getting your hands on this smart storage solution. We are a leading racking and shelving supplier in UAE, place your order now and increase the performance and productivity of your company.

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