Why Structural Steel Fabrication Is Best Choice to Construct Mezzanine Floor?

Constructing mezzanine floor by structural fabrication process

Commercial and industrial facilities including factories and workshops take the most out of the high space between the floor and ceiling of a building or premises by constructing a mezzanine.

A mezzanine floor is an elevated platform that optimizes the use of underused ‘vertical space’. It is an excellent way to increase warehouse and storage site capacity and productivity.

In fact, mezzanine floors also add an attractive and flexible design to the extra space in residential apartments without impacting the exterior of the building.

While the functionality of mezzanine is already known, structural steel fabrication is the most sought-after solution for mezzanine flooring.

Why structural steel works best for mezzanine floor construction? What should you do to customize mezzanine according to your needs?

Read on to get the answers from the context given below.

Structural Steel Fabrication As All-inclusive Solution For Mezzanine Flooring

  1. Flexible Design

    The process of structural fabrication provides options to design mezzanine flooring of any size, height, shape, span, decking and more. The structural steel is fabricated to meet customer requirements both in terms of design creativity and quality. With structural steel, fabricators can design mezz floor that can be dismantled and relocated as well.

  2. Easy Modification

    Structural steel fabrication enables customers to modify mezzanine in the future for vertical applications or any other additional alteration. This type of modification capability is unobtainable with other fabrication materials. This is one of the main reasons that structural steel is the first choice for mezzanine floor construction.

  3. Corrosion Resistant

    Through the process of structural steel fabrication, mezzanine flooring can be powder coated in a wide variety of colours. This directly imparts an enhanced level of durability and resistance against corrosion and toxic elements. Additionally, powder coating is a better option than standard painting as it is low on maintenance while being cost-effective for the facility. Stainless steel fabrication is another excellent option to keep your flooring intact and beautiful for decades.

  4. Enhanced Spacing

    If you want the mezzanine floor construction to be achieved with greater column spacing that can allow open web bar beams, water pipes, electrical conduit etc. to run through it, structural steel fabrication is the most effective way to achieve it. Open web bar beams bestow an ‘open feel’ rather than standard beams whereas I-beams can reduce the ‘deck profile’ of mezzanines.

  5. Improved Aesthetics

    The aesthetic appeal of a mezz floor can be easily enhanced by structural fabrication. With structural steel, the professional fabricators are capable of rolling and bending the sections which enhance the overall look of a mezzanine.

  6. Environment-Friendly

    Structural steel is the most preferred material for construction. All thanks to its reputation as the leading green structural fabrication material. Structural steel is recyclable and dynamically contributes to reducing carbon emissions while increasing energy efficiency. This environment-friendly character of structural steel allows a customer to recycle mezzanine floors and reapply it for a different purpose.

Options For Structural Steel Mezzanine Floor Construction

For industrial applications such as storage, particle board is the most desired option. Particle board is achieved when it is fastened to a stainless steel fabricated structure just like roofing beams and tiles.

The particle board in a mezz floor can then be utilized as a sub-floor where different types of carpets, tiles and vinyl can be installed.

If you opt for a composite board, it can manage load up to 500 kg of shelving on up to four levels. For mezzanine flooring, composite boards are designed with a tongue and depression all the way around.

On the other side, if you need a mezzanine floor that can handle loads twice or thrice that of particle board, the all-steel option is recommended.

All-steel structural mezzanine floor imparts double strength to the floor. It is apt for application in the food industry where the deck is generally galvanized for protection. This option is also ideal for restaurants, cafes, and apartments that need a robust industrial look.

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