Benefits of Installing Mezzanine Floor at Home

Mezzanine floor for home

When it comes to optimising space in the industrial sector, mezzanine always tops the list. It is a versatile intermediate floor that caters to the needs of office space or storage space. 

Mezzanine is a common architectural element in industries. But it is also an attractive option to enhance space in homes. 

In residential space, especially in a one-storey building, mezzanines can increase the value of space. You can either install a residential mezzanine as a part of a conversion, renovation or extension project. 

Let us learn more about its benefits!

What is the Difference Between Industrial & Residential Mezzanine?

An industrial mezzanine is an elevated platform usually composed of stainless steel. Depending on a specific application, it can be a permanent addition or a free-standing structure. Commonly, it is free-standing, meaning that it can be dismantled and moved to a new place. 

With a residential mezzanine, the purpose is the same – to optimise space. However, the structure is permanently installed and non-movable. In addition, the structure helps in intensifying the aesthetics. Residential mezzanines come in a broad range of eye-catching designs giving a rustic or contemporary look to your home.

A home can have mezzanine installed in any given space depending on its architectural design.

Here are some ideas that can transform the way your home looks.

1. Mezzanine above the kitchen – If your kitchen has a double-height ceiling, you can install mezzanine above the space. Mezzanine above the kitchen or dining space can be used to store kitchen equipment, for example. Ornamenting the space with glass panes to let the natural light in is an appealing factor.

2. Mezzanine as the bedroom – If you have a living room with huge vertical space, you could add a mezzanine. This space between the ceiling and the living room can transform into a bedroom. It can be wooden and fenced with glass to let you see the beautiful view of the surroundings. In this way, mezzanine connects the living space and the bedroom with a staircase and solves the space issue.

3. Mezzanine as a home office – If you are a work-from-home individual, you could have a functional mezzanine in your home. By deciding the perfect place to install it, have a peaceful place to work without distractions. Using creativity, hide your home office or keep it open to add to aesthetic appeal.

4. Mezzanine as a library –  Your love for books can reflect in a beautifully lit mezzanine above the living space. This is a great way to use the extra vertical space by transforming it into a library.

Consider these Factors Before Having a Residential Mezzanine

1. There are certain standard rules to abide by when going for a residential mezzanine. First of all, you need to find out whether or not the investment is worth going for. Besides, there are other points to consider as mentioned.

2. Installation of residential mezzanine normally does not impact the outside of the building. Hence, it does not require planning permission. But, if the mezzanine changes the slope of the roof or adds a dormer window, it needs planning permission. So, experts recommend verifying the details with the local authority.

3. Addition of mezzanine means putting extra weight to the supporting walls of your home. In other words, the mezzanine will need its own supporting structure while changing the ceiling or roof design. So, it is important to discuss the requirements with an engineer to design the structure.

4. In addition, it is also essential to obtain information related to building regulations. This will help you accomplish the installation keeping the safety factor in mind.

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  1. My boss is requesting me to look for mezzanine material lifts that we can use in her industrial site next month. I love that you mentioned that mezzanines are good at increasing the worker’s efficiency, safety, and productivity to become more efficient at work as it can be dismantled and moved into a new place.

    1. Hey Tammie, yes you said correctly. Plus mezzanines installations are great to optimize industrial and residential spaces.

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