This Boltless Shelving Racking System also called Rivet shelving are very relaxed to install since there is negligible hardware involved, depending on whether or not a centre support is used. It is only a mallet that is needed in most of the cases. It is the most economical. It is also providing a wide range of sizes that can be used for storage solutions.

Bolt-free shelves' load-bearing capacity is quite high in term of storage density, which makes this shelving in UAE the most ideal for high density, bulk and heavy storage applications. On the other hand, this system is not that good-looking this may not be ideal for those highlighting on a remarkable final touch.


  • Easier, more effective assembly.
  • It is a versatile shelving option by virtue of the fact that it can be modified into limitless formations.
  • For storing the items, everyone wants to make sure the shelving can bear the required weight. In the market, most bolt-free shelving offers either particle board or wire decking. Both of them are extremely durable and can withstand the wear-and-tear that storage can sometimes bring.

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Boltless Shelving System in Sharjah, UAE

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