Al Kheera Steel Works (Kheera Group company) is established in 2017. It is a prominent steel fabrication companies in Sharjah, UAE. The company is a warehouse shelving and racking systems supplier. Apart from this, the company involves in mezzanine floor construction and commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing.

Mr Yusuf Khira, founder of Kheera Group, A well-known entrepreneur in the Rajasthan India, and director of many companies.

He has started a business of mechanical maintenance and construction and registered his first company in the 1979 and completed many projects for the leading cement brands.

Within a few years, a small company become a group of companies and expanded its business in marble, hotel, and resort and steel manufacturing industries.

In 2017, we registered our first company in UAE. We are manufacturing various steel products at our steel fabrication workshop such as cement plan equipment, shelving and racking, kitchen equipment, steel structure, machining work etc.

Apart from manufacturing we also do turnkey basis project. We are one of the top most companies engaged in storage solution (shelving and racking system) business. In the recent year, the company has successfully doing operations in storage solution in UAE and completed dozens of the project.

We attach great importance to the quality of the work we are entrusted with and completion of the job as per the client's time schedule. The obligations of the clients are satisfied in full and there are not natural calamities.