SteelFab 2019 – The Largest Steel Fabrication Event Of Middle East

SteelFab-2019 Trade Show

Recently the Middle East has been witnessing tremendous disruption in every industrial sector where technology can penetrate. Steel fabrication industry is one of them. It is constantly developing and expanding with the rising demand for steel products, metals and machinery. The metal industry is preparing for a head-to-head competition on the global stage, with ‘SteelFab 2019’ set to play an instrumental role.

SteelFab is the largest industrial trade show of the Middle East region. World-class innovations in the metal manufacturing, metalworking and steel fabrication industry are its major highlights. Since its debut in 2005, the event has achieved a remarkable growth with a 25% rise in the number of exhibitors and visitors.

The regional metal fabrication industry recognises SteelFab as the most established and extremely reliable sourcing avenue. Resilience is the trademark of the event while it caters to A-Z industry requirements. This includes machine tools, machinery, welding equipment, pre-treatment and post-treatment supplies and ancillary equipment.

SteelFab 2019 will attract visitors from across the Middle East and North African countries. It will showcase a series of product presentation seminars and displays in a span of 4 days.

The show focuses on four major areas that are as follows:

  1. Welding and Cutting

    SteelFab is known to be a one-of-a-kind event in the region. Thanks to its exclusive focus on the requirements of welding and cutting in the steel fabrication industry. Major industrial sectors contribute to the overall market demand for welding and cutting equipment. These include renewable energy, construction, shipbuilding, aerospace and defence are some of them.

    In addition, the return on investments in the oil and gas sector is anticipated to intensify demand for welding equipment. The event is set to showcase the largest welding and cutting segment in the Middle East.

  2. Machine Tools

    During these days, the boom in the regional economy is driving change in the metalworking industry. This is stimulating demand for the latest machine tools. Both metal cutting and metal forming are indispensable for the manufacturing industry. Among these, automation, CAD/CAM, tooling systems and other technologies are of paramount importance. Adhering to this fact, Machine Tools has become a key segment of SteelFab 2019.

    The event will be presenting milling, lathes, grinding, EDMs, tool room machinery, high-precision machine tools among others.

  3. Pipe and Tube Machinery

    Pipes and tubes are rapidly becoming an integral part of infrastructure projects. Its demand is increasingly found in petrochemical, refineries, power and water, MEP, electrical, furniture, marine and offshore etc. Hence, Pipe and Tube Machinery has become an essential component of the Steel Fabrication event.

    Besides, the participation of the International Tube Association will create new possibilities. It will attract more exhibitors, visitors, potential investors and machinery from across the globe.

    Going further, those who are looking for a robust yet comprehensive solution for industrial applications, SteelFab is the place. The event will exhibit a full range of machine and tools including pipe forming, pipe cutting, roll bending, tube bending, tube forming, pipe and tube straightening, orbital welding, clamps and accessories.

  4. Wear Resistance

    Wear is one of the most common failures of machinery and its components. So, this segment will be particularly more important for manufacturers and suppliers looking for product enhancement. It will enable them to enhance product quality, wear resistance and maintain costs while improving energy efficiency.

Along the years, SteelFab has witnessed the ups and downs in the steel fabrication industry and moved beyond for a collaborative change.

SteelFab 2019 is coming up with more to inspire the industry. Professional visitors are welcome to attend the event that is going to take place between 14 and 17 January at Expo Centre Sharjah in Sharjah, UAE. So book your stand and register on the official website to witness the one-of-a-kind industry event of 2019.

Trade Show Location:

Expo Centre Sharjah
P.O.BOX: 3222,
Al Taawun Street, Sharjah,
United Arab Emirates

Contact Details:

Email : | Tel : +971-6-5770000 | Fax : +971-6-5770111

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(Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for the correctness of this information. Date and show location are subjected to change by the trade show organiser.)

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