2019-2020 Steel Fabrication Industry Trends

2019-2020 Steel Fabrication Industry Trends

Steel fabrication is a significant component from kitchen equipment to building skyscrapers. Industries including automotive, defence, power and energy are leading to a huge end-user market for the steel industry. The industry witnessed a downturn at the beginning of the century. However, it has seen a positive outcome in recent years. Thanks to the growing technological innovation around the world.

Businesses operating in the steel fabrication industry are embracing new trends. They are implementing new business strategies and developments to encourage growth in the market. Therefore, we have explored the 2019-2020 steel fabrication industry trends further allowing businesses to grow efficiently.

Innovations Driving Growth In Steel Fabrication

  1. Automation

    Robotics and automation are now more than just a buzzword in the tech world. Data-rich systems and robotic technologies can easily enhance the capabilities of steel fabrication. Take, for instance, the integration of the IoT, collaboration centres and a network of connecting warehouses. This can enable businesses to monitor and sense objects remotely making processes more streamlined.

    Additionally, automated critical processes such as manufacture and assembly help in optimising operations and reducing costs. Consequently, this helps businesses in focusing on customisation and customer support.

    As automation continues to advance, the steel industry is ready to bring the technology into action.

  2. 3D Printing

    3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) is set to revolutionise the way steel is fabricated. More specifically, when the traditional method fails in fabricating intricate designs, 3D printing comes into the picture.

    3D printing is done through stamping of metals to create a required design. The technology has huge potential in creating complex designs. So, this is a game changer in architectural steel fabrication, among others. Since the advent, 3D printing has moved from product development tool to a full-fledged industrial tool. The technology is rapidly advancing and opening new roads of opportunities for customisation.

    More importantly, it is beneficial in improving efficiency, output and eliminating waste. With this, it seems 3D printing is the future in the steel fabrication industry.

  3. Tube Laser Technology

    Tube laser technology is another beneficial tool for fabrication. With the potential to cut out any shape into pipe and tubing it gives freedom in fabrication.

    In contrast to the traditional method, tube lasers increase the capability to create accurate cuts. In addition, it speeds up fabrication process, saves on downstream assembly while decreasing costs.

    The technology eliminates errors and reduces the assembly time by 20-30%. All this happens due to the versatility, reliability and flexibility of laser tubes.

    The structural steel fabrication industry is increasingly using this technology. Looking at its advantages, the technology can help accomplish things never thought before.

  4. Reshoring

    Steel fabrication demand is rising all over the world, including UAE. As a result, reshoring or manufacturing regionalisation is gaining attention. This is a trend that is expected to continue now in the coming years.

    Reshoring is a process where a business moves from an ‘offshore’ model to onshore model. In simple words, steel industries come closer to a market where innovation and demand are increasing.

Therefore in 2019-2020 steel fabrication industry trends will grow, businesses will have to enhance their abilities. New technologies can help businesses in remaining consistent in the supply chain.

What Is Future Bringing For The Steel Fabrication Industry?

As new technology penetration is increasing in the industry, new jobs are anticipated to emerge. Hence, the steel fabrication industry will need to prepare for the hiring challenges in the future.

A change always comes with some challenges – small or big. Nevertheless, new trends will be encouraging for the industry in the coming years. That said, businesses need to embrace innovation in order to grow.

Facts & Figures

Increasing steel demand has made UAE one of the leading consumers in the GCC region. From 2016-2020, estimations show the steel consumption in UAE will grow at a CAGR of 8%.

The country is investing billions in construction projects, among which structural steel fabrication plays a crucial role. All this is mostly happening for the coming up World Expo 2020 in Dubai. The event is the global destination to inspire and gain ideas, innovation while promoting collaboration.

Expo 2020 site in Dubai is working on incorporating structural steel metal decks for the construction. Composite steel decking offers a comprehensive solution for temporary and immediate construction. It can be assembled with ease and without any major difficulty.

Steel decks are known to reduce the construction time by 50%. That is why structural steel fabrication is most desired for the fast-approaching World Expo 2020.

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